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Bringing Saxy Back!

Gold Saxophone

The Saxophone

The saxophone is used in a wide range of musical styles some of these included are Jazz, Pop, Rock, House, Disco & Ibiza. It is also used as a solo instrument or together in various bands such as Military Bands & Concert Bands. It’s popular rise to the modern Ibiza sax sound began in the 2010s fast becoming the preferred style for many events from wedding day celebrations, private parties to corporate events.



The saxophones unique sound and smooth looks have made it the go to instrument when looking for a live interactive element. The flexibility of this style allows the sax player to move and continuously interact. It’s ability to compliment all genres, ranging from old classics to current chart toppers, has made it more popular than ever. It is considered the chameleon of musical instruments that wouldn’t look out of place on a beach, in a formal setting, in hotel lobbies or at a corporate event.


Taking it to the next level 

When the saxophone is played alongside DJ mixed tracks or a live DJ whether its smooth jazz or current chart toppers, it adds a level of sophistication and an unrivalled party atmosphere. It is sure to capture everyone’s attention and have them toe tapping, singing, or dancing along. This duo act has become so popular with everyone and adds the WOW factor to every event.


Perfect for

The saxophones powerful yet mellow sound is the perfect way to impress your guests. The saxophone is a beautiful instrument which looks and sounds amazing. Its flexibility makes it perfect for all special occasions.


Saxophone with harps at Guinness Storehouse Dublin


Drinks reception

Grand Entrance

During the meal

Main act

After Band

Day 2 wedding


Private parties

Birthdays 18th 21st 40th 60th & everything in-between

Gender reveal


House warmings

Or just for the craic


Corporate events

Team building

Fun days

Launch parties.

Brand promotions

Office Christmas & New years parties


Creating the ideal party atmosphere

The rich, strong sound of the saxophone will create the ultimate of party atmospheres. A real treat for your guests, some of whom may never have heard it being played live before. A source of pleasure for their senses that’s sure to have them talking about your special event for years to come!

Gold saxophone  Tommy Sax Ireland logo











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