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Let’s Talk About Sax!!

How do you know you’ve picked the right musician?

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Talk to other people who know them, have seen them play or have hired them. Read their bio, reviews and explore their website and or social media platforms. This gives you a sense of their background, musical knowledge, musical history, professionalism etc.


Professional level saxophones V’s intermediate and beginner saxophones. It's all about the sax!! Professional saxophones are made from the best quality materials available such as gold brass and or gold or silver plating resulting in a far superior sounding instrument than the lower-level beginners saxophone which is usually made from materials such as yellow brass & nickel-silver.

Let's talk about sax!

Types of Saxophones

Golden Soprano Saxophone

The soprano saxophone is the smallest of the 4 commonly used saxophones, with a higher sounding pitch than the tenor, alto & baritone saxophones. Working in the similar way to a soprano vocalist, hitting the higher notes above the tenor and alto, it is considered one of the hardest of the saxophone family to play.

The alto saxophone has a higher pitch than the tenor & baritone saxophones & a lower pitch than the soprano saxophone lending itself to the more popular Ibiza club & pop sounds. It is very popular with beginner players and children due to it size and lighter weight than the tenor saxophone.

Alto Saxophone

The tenor saxophone is slightly larger in size than the alto saxophone with a deeper, fuller more complex sound, making the tenor saxophone the perfect choice from the saxophone family when looking to create the smooth sensual sound of jazz or the hard-hitting rebellious rhythms of rock.

Golden Tenor Saxophone

The baritone saxophone is one of the largest & heaviest of the saxophone family an octave lower than the alto saxophone it mostly plays baseline, producing a voluptuous deep expressive sound. 

Golden Baritone Saxophone


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